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Expert advice

Beginner guide

New to gardening or not sure where to start? Follow our five-step beginner guide to getting ready to grow the organic way, kind to you and the environment. This way to beautiful and bountiful produce!
Vegetable growing area

1 - Assess your space

When evaluating a new garden, allotment or community green space, there are some key features that will help you plan what kind of organic growing space it will be and what to sow and plant.

Vegetable growing patch

2 - Plan to grow

Planning which plants to grow, when to grow them and how to arrange them can be bewildering - whether you’re a new or experienced gardener. Successful organic growing is all about good planning so you can control problems and pests before they take control of your plot.

Mixture of plants in a garden

3 - Choose your plants

Selecting plants for your garden is one of the most enjoyable parts of gardening. But while considerations such as colour, scent and structure will be influenced by your design scheme and taste, it’s also important to think about the idea of ‘right plant, right place’.

Soil under vetch

4 - Manage your soil

Good soil management is at the heart of organic gardening. Healthy, well-structured, fertile soil allows plants to absorb water and nutrients, and encourages robust growth. But managing your soil is as much about protecting and maintaining what you have, as it is about improving it.

Tomato plants

5 - Expert advice

Now your plot or pots are ready, head to our expert advice section for more information on how to get started growing vegetables, herbs, fruit and flowers, composting and looking after your garden organically however big or small it may be.