Ryton garden in November

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Our inspirational organic demonstration garden at Ryton is a unique place to visit and learn how to cultivate your own thriving organic, sustainable growing space.

Now open to members and visitors for pre-booked tours, our garden features several unique areas including a large glasshouse and polytunnel, a four-bed veg garden following a crop rotation, a NoDig system trial area, and a container garden space.

Garden tours start in March 2023 - book you next tour here!

  • Vegetables and flowers growing together at Ryton
  • Flowers and vegetables growing together
  • Blue Tit Bird sitting in leaves

The garden is bursting with ornamental plants and flowers and an array of seasonal fruits and vegetables including some more unusual varieties. A large proportion of our vegetables are varieties selected from the Heritage Seed Library. It really is a must-see for any gardener.

Head Gardener Emma O'Neill, alongside her dedicated team and volunteers, has created a thriving and inspiring organic garden that continues to evolve.

Foxgloves in Ryton garden in June
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In the garden this month

Water well in dry spells - especially beans, cucumbers, marrows, leeks and celery. But watch out for potato and tomato blight, as well as mildew, in warm, damp weather.

Ladybird on a Nasturtium leaf

The Principles of Organic Gardening

Organic gardening works within natural systems and cycles. Find out how to practice the five principles.

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