Grow-your-own and cut costs this Organic September

Throughout September we'll be dishing up 30 days of budget-busting biodiversity projects to celebrate Organic September - which prove organic growing is eco-friendly and economical.
Lettuce growing in wheelbarrow
Our #ThriftyThirty campaign will show you ways to grow more and save money

We're sharing 30 dirt-cheap ways to garden organically and save money as part of the Organic September campaign.

Our #ThriftyThirty campaign will offer inspiring ways you can save money in the garden while also helping to save the planet. Projects will include swapping expensive bagged salads for homegrown gourmet leaves, saving seeds, growing from scraps and creating new plants for free.

The idea behind the campaign is to show how gardening organically - by growing-your-own, reusing and recycling and saving seeds – can help you save money on your shopping bills.

Our CEO Fiona Taylor said: “Far from being an expensive or exclusive hobby, organic gardening is a brilliant way to buffer the cost-of-living crisis, allowing people to grow fresh, cheap and abundant food close to home.

“All you need to get started is some bare soil, a packet of seeds and you’re good to go. Over the 30 days, we’ll be sharing a myriad of practical, money-saving projects to get the most out of seeds, plants and produce, while at the same time nurturing nature – so that gardening is good for you, and good for the planet.”

Follow our #ThriftyThirty hashtag @gardenorganicuk on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook during September for cost-saving organic gardening advice and ideas.

The Soil Association’s Organic September campaign is celebrating its 50th year in 2023, with an emphasis on supporting organic for climate and nature. Find out more about its month of activity here.